Seldom Heard Communities

Seldom Heard Communities

Seldom Heard Communities‘ is a docuseries produced by Sheffield Community Contact Tracers, in collaboration with various underrepresented individuals from diverse backgrounds across Sheffield. The purpose of this project is to share the stories of those who have been underrepresented and left unheard.

For decades, communities within Sheffield, and many other parts of the globe, have been left behind and forced to endure hardships and fight injustices, which the pandemic has only exacerbated. COVID-19 has highlighted the inequalities faced by many. However, it has also given communities the courage and resilience to unite and work together to combat issues during these unprecedented times.

Episode 1: Tick Boxes

‘Tick Boxes’ gives a voice to members of Sheffield’s Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities as they organise to support themselves and each other during the COVID-19 pandemic. After years of being starved of resources and used to “tick a box”, these diverse Sheffield BAME groups demonstrate remarkable creativity and solidarity in their efforts to protect the most vulnerable members of our community.

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Seldom Heard Communities | Episode 1: Tick Boxes

Seldom Heard Communities | Episode 2: Postcards from the Pandemic