long covid support

Long Covid Support

As part of our ongoing work relating to Covid-19, we are looking at ways to provide support for people with Long Covid in Sheffield, and particularly for people in seldom heard communities. We are in contact with Sheffield Teaching Hospitals’ Long Covid Rehabilitation Hub and have started working with community organisations Darnall Well Being, ACT and MAAN to consider what support would be most helpful to people in their communities. We have also been looking into establishing possible facilitators for a Long Covid support group, speaking to psychologists and therapists about this.

Long Covid support suggestions we are working on so far include:

  • Awareness raising sessions to help with finding out what people need – is it an online group, mental health support, or something else? 
  • Sourcing clear information in different languages, to be shared in communities and help increase awareness and understanding of Long Covid symptoms.
  • Developing a checklist of what to think about before going to see your GP about Long Covid, so that people feel more empowered.
  • Supporting community organisations to run their own in person groups.  
  • An online group for people who can’t get out to in person groups.

The NHS has a website offering information and support to help with self-managing the after-effects of Covid-19. The information on this site can be translated into 18 different languages by selecting your preferred language at the top left of each page:

Recovering from Long COVID Homepage

screenshot of the front page of the NHS "Your Covid Recovery" website

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals also have pages providing information and links to further support with Long Covid here. These pages can be translated into 6 different languages, by selecting your preferred language at the top of the page.

As well as help to aid your recovery, there are also links to organisations who can help with your return to work.

Sheffield ME & Fibromyalgia Group now also support people with Long Covid:


They do this by offering wellbeing support in person and online, and they can also offer  welfare benefits and social care advice and advocacy.