Isolation Support

Covid-19 Isolation Support Resources

Below you will find resources and guidance regarding self-isolation with a positive Covid-19 diagnosis.  The information around how and why you should isolate to keep others safe remains important to be aware of and understand.

Full NHS guidance on what to do if you have Covid-19 symptoms or a positive test result is available here.

As a general rule, you should try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people if you or your child have symptoms and either:

  • have a high temperature
  • do not feel well enough to go to work, school, childcare, or do your normal activities

You can go back to your normal activities when you feel better or do not have a high temperature.

If your child has mild symptoms such as a runny nose, sore throat or mild cough, and they feel well enough, they can go to school or childcare.

Some people are still entitled to a free Covid-19 test. There is more information about who can get a free test, and access to tests for other people, here.

Between 2020 and 2022, when Covid-19 restrictions were in place in England, there were schemes available nationally and locally in Sheffield, to offer financial support, as well as help with collecting shopping, delivering medicine and other general support available over the phone. Information about this support is shared below for reference, but please be aware that a number of these support options were discontinued once restrictions were lifted, so may no longer by available.

Sheffield City Council offered a free support helpline on 0114 273 4567, which was available 7 days a week.

They also offered a £500 isolation support grant and hardship assistance, for people in financial need.

And they created a guide to help people whilst they were isolating – see opposite to read and download it.

Citizens Advice Sheffield shared information on working during COVID-19, including guidance on rules you needed to follow:

NHS England provided information about how to look after yourself if you have Covid-19, or have symptoms of it.

Mutual Aid groups were set up around the city, and this map was created to help track and reach them all: