Covid Confidence Evaluation Report

We are happy to share an evaluation of the impact of Covid Confidence, which has been compiled by Dr Janet Harris (School of Health and Related Research), Dr Paulina Ramirez (Birmingham Business School) and Frances Arnold (Darnall Well Being). Covid Confidence sessions were coordinated in different areas of Sheffield by Sheffield Community Contact Tracers during the pandemic. Numerous sessions were run in areas including Darnall, Sharrow and Burngreave. 

The report describes why we decided to coordinate online sessions of Covid Confidence in Sheffield when the pandemic began, what we hoped to achieve through the activities, and what actually happened. It also discusses what needs to happen next, now that there is a general desire to get back to ‘normal’.

Covid Confidence Evaluation Report – Click icon below to download

Contact tracing of in-patients with COVID-19: Pilot Study

Sheffield Community Contact Tracers are pleased to report on a collaborative pilot study conducted jointly with Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust and Sheffield City Council with the help of third-year Medical students on placement with SCCT. 
This pilot study found that around two thirds of hospital in-patients with Covid-19 were not engaged by NHS Test and Trace and that their close contacts were not advised by NHSTT to self-isolate. It suggests that face to face interviews can address this shortfall and that further collaboration will improve contact tracing for in-patients.
SCCT is pleased to report that work is ongoing to establish a sustainable, funded service in Sheffield.

This study is available in the Journal of Infectious Diseases & Therapy

This study is now available on medRxiv

Pilot Study Report – Click icon below to download

Localised contact tracing: Pilot Evaluation

Sheffield Community Contact Tracers (SCCT) are pleased to share with you two reports highlighting the findings from the pilot phase of the programme which took place between April and June 2020.

The steering group is now working closely with community organisations to develop a self-referral model that will be tested and evaluated in the second phase of this study.


Pilot Evaluation Report – Click icon below to download

Volunteer Evaluation Report – Click icon below to download

Evaluation Findings Webinar - 29th May 2020

We delivered a webinar at 2pm on Friday 29th May to share the detail of our findings and to allow attendees to:

·   Find out more about this innovative Sheffield contact tracing project

·   Hear of the findings from the evaluation of the pilot

·   Discover the plans for spreading this work to other communities

·   Consider whether an effort like this may be suitable for your community

·   Contribute your experience of contact tracing and working in your local community

·   Ask questions of the presenters

Download webinar slides here.

Sheffield Community Contact Tracers Practice Sharing

SCCT are happy to share their documents with  interested organisations considering developing models in their own localities. 

Please note that these files relate to the Pilot Phase of the initiative only between April-June 2020, pre-introduction of the national system, therefore, some of the guidance included is out of date.  

Editable versions are available on request through the contact page but please ensure you check current guidance and amend these documents if you wish to use them.

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