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Sheffield Community Contact Tracers are devoted to working with different community organisations across Sheffield in order to spread awareness and start conversations on the topic of COVID-19.

Community Resources

These resources have been shared or co-produced with SCCT and community organisations based in Sheffield.

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Covid Confidence

Covid Confidence sessions were co-hosted by community organisations and Sheffield Community Contract Tracers. These sessions were provided in conjunction with online SCCT information sessions, providing up to date information. Topics were based on community-identified concerns, and discussions drew upon local knowledge and expertise to show how champions can support people to deal with issues arising during the pandemic. The sessions provided them with key facts about Covid exposure, transmission and protective behaviour, as well as Covid vaccines.

Fifteen sessions were facilitated between September 2020 and November 2021 across three Sheffield neighbourhoods. These neighbourhoods have areas of high local deprivation, a mix of ethnic groups, and 18 – 22% have no English as their main language. Further, 18 – 27% are in overcrowded housing, which is far more than the national average of 8.7%. Nearly 50 organisations participated, with a total of 198 participants (including repeat attendees). Participants drew upon their local knowledge to consider how it could be used in their particular setting. Participants ‘road tested’ the information during conversations with people in challenging life circumstances, and fed back in subsequent sessions on information needed to be tailored for local groups and issues.

Covid Confidence - making sense of the mixed messages

One of the organisations we worked closely with on Covid Confidence was Darnall Well Being. Throughout the numerous sessions that we co-hosted with them, they shared slides, notes, resources and updates on their website. They were also involved in the evaluation report work.

Seldom Heard Communities

The coronavirus pandemic highlighted the inequalities faced by many, particularly those who are seldom heard. SCCT produced a docuseries to highlight the experiences and amplify the voices of those who have been underrepresented, giving them a space to showcase their compelling community work.